About Us

We are a Trading company with headquarters in the United States . We provide both, sourcing and the best solutions to supply our customers with spare parts, equipment and commodities.  Nevertheless, our main expertise is to lead our customers in the right direction, to fulfill their specific supplying needs and allowing them to achieve this aim, via reliable sources, coupled with the most advanced organizational technologies.

Our warehouse is fully equipped for proper merchandise handling.

The Engineering background of our management ensures the thoroughly technical understanding of our customers' needs, besides the proper checking of the orders received at our warehouse.



Whenever necessary, inventory management is available to our customers, in order to let them use Connect as an intermediary holder of the orders placed on their behalf. This procedure has proven better cash-flow administration, consolidation of shipment, and reduction of shipping cost.

  • Shipment consolidation. A customer with several suppliers/orders will optimize packaging, freight and brokerage costs.
  • Follow-up with our customer's suppliers to ensure on-time delivery, as well as dealing with technical and commercial issues.
  • Product checking. All the products received are carefully checked, preventing all the aggravation and major problems of wrong products unduly shipped.
  • Procurement Expertise and know-how for extensive procurement of spare parts up to complete systems.